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Student Life: Leadership Academy


Leadership is a universal skill. In a continually global market, our students require a board prospective, giving them the upper-hand with knowledge and experience for working in dynamic teams, situational leadership, confidence, and management.


Saint Bonaventure’s Leadership Academy will provide students with practical leadership training through an innovative and creative program, challenging ownership of learning and a mastery of leadership principles.

Thank you for your interest in Saint Bonaventure High School’s Leadership Academy. Please note:

  • To be considered, a student must either be currently enrolled at SBHS or have submitted an application for admission for the upcoming semester.
  • All Leadership Academy applications must be turned into the SBHS main office for consideration.
  • The application process has two parts:
  • The character reference must be submitted by the person filling out the form.
  • The form needs to be received by SBHS before the application will be submitted for consideration.